The Peace Memorial Park is located in the Mabuni Hill area ofItoman city; the southern part of the island where the final battlein Okinawa took place during the Second World War. The Parkenjoys a pleasant view of the rugged and beautiful coastline on itssoutheastern border.
The former Ryukyu Government originally initiated the creationof a park on the site, and following Okinawa's reversion to Japanin 1972, full-scale construction of a public park in the area wasinitiated.
At the Peace Memorial Park, wartime photographs and objectsare displayed at the Peace Memorial Museum, and the names ofthose who perished during the battle of Okinawa are inscribed onthe "Cornerstone of Peace" monument. The Peace PrayerMemorial Statue that prays for the souls of those killed in warsand for everlasting world peace can also be found on the site, andthe National War Dead Peace Mausoleum, along with 50monuments from other prefectures and organizations are alllocated on Mabuni Hill in the southern region of the park.
Many people visit the park's sacred grounds, such as touristsfrom Japan and abroad, groups of those related to the war dead,and students on school excursions, making the Peace MemorialPark a key tourist site. On holidays, families flock to the area toplay ball games, have picnics and enjoy various other recreationalactivities on the open grass.
We at the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park are endeavoring tomaintain a park that can satisfy the various needs of theincreasing number of people who come to visit, giving our guestsa fulfilling experience, while simultaneously offering our prayersfor eternal world peace and promoting the park's role intransmitting the message of peace to the world.

How to reach the Peace Memorial Park

By Car: accessible via routes 7 or 331 (please refer to above map).
By Bus: from the Naha Bus Terminal, board bus lines 89
(560yen one-way/buses come every 20minutes/appox 40min ride),
at the Itoman Bus Terminal change to the 82 Gyokusendo line
(460yen one-way/buses come once an hour), then get off at the Okinawa Peace Hall Bus stop.
By Taxi: from Naha will cost 3,000yen to 3,500yen (22km)


Okinawa Prefecture Peace Memorial Foundation
(Former Okinawa Prefecture War Memorial Foundation)
444 Mabuni, Itoman City, Okinawa 901-0333


Okinawa Prefecture Department of Civil Engineering & Construction Urban Planning and Monorail Division
1-2-2 Izumizaki, Naha City, Okinawa 900-8570