The Okinawa Peace Hall

In the Second World War, the last fierce battle took place in Okinawa. Men and women of all ages were tossed into the war and more than 200,000 precious lives of soldiers and civilians were lost. With the Okinawan people's intense wish of 'No more war', the Okinawa Peace Hall was opened on Oct. 1, 1978. The Hall stands on the Hill of Mabuni where history bears testimony to the futility of war and the value of peace. The Hall has a regular polygonal roof with septilateral pyramid, which expresses seven seas and the shape of hands joined in prayers. Transcending race, nationality, ideology and religion, the Hall has been sending peace messages all over the world.
The aggregate area of the hall : 1,571m2
Height : 45m
Structure : Steel framework with reinforced concret


Opening hours 9:00-17:00
(Open all the year round)
Individuals Group
Twenty persons or more
Adults 450yen 350yen
Junior & High school students 350yen 250yen
Elementary school pupils or under Free

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The Okinawa Peace Hall

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