Okinawa Peace Prayer Statue
The Okinawa Peace Hall-the Hall of Peace and Beauty

Height:12m Width:8m

The Okinawa Peace Hall was constructed as a symbol of the strong desire for peace of the Japanese people, especially of Okinawan, and also as the sacred place of memorial service for the war dead. Inside the Hall is enshrined the Okinawa Peace Prayer Statue, of which a prototype was made by Shinzan Yamada, a celebrated artist of Okinawa, spending 18 years. The Statue was completed with support of a fund-raising campaign by Okinawan communities including school children.

Also, a series of twenty paintings by Mr. Keiyu Nishimura are exhibited in the Hall. He painted all the pictures with a strong desire for peace, and titled them 'War and Peace.' On the precincts you'll see a bronze statue 'A boy' by Mr.Churyo Sato; and in the gallery, great works by famous artists who are still active in the forefront of Japanese painting circles and who supported the idea of the Okinawa Peace Hall. The Okinawa Peace Hall, as the Hall of Peace and Beauty, becomes one with the 'Cornerstone of Peace' to appeal from the Hill of Mabuni for peace throughout the world.