Permanent Exhibit

(Road to the Battle of Okinawa)

Shows the course of Okinawan history leading up to the Battle of Okinawa and its causes.

The Meiji government executed the ''Ryukyu Disposition'' with threats of force against the Ryukyuan court, and annexed the kingdom as a prefecture of Japan. Consequently Okinawa became rapidly japanized under the assimilation policy aimed at making the Okinawans as faithful subjects of the Emperor.

On the other hand, Japan, in a great rush for modernization, adopted a policy to ''enrich the country with a strong army'' expanding armaments and setting out to invade its neighboring countries. The national war effort escalated into the Manchurian Incident, the Shina-Japanese War and the Asia-Pacific War, in which Okinawa became the last battle ground of the so-called ''15 -year war'' that started in 1931.