Prayer Area
Service and Prayers for Departed Souls

National War Dead Peace Mausoleum

During the reconstruction that followed the Battle of Okinawa, theremains of the deceased were gathered by local residents, andrepositories along with memorial towers were created. Later, theseashes were collected together and transferred to a central repositoryconstructed on behalf of the Japanese Government. However, inorder to lay the souls of these war victims to eternal rest, theremains of these individuals werethen transferred to the newly builtNational War Dead Peace Mausoleumon Mabuni Hill in 1970.
People are constantly coming tovisit the Mausoleum area, whichholds the ashes of over 180,000souls.



Memorial Path

Every year, groups come to visitthe 32 memorial monumentsthat are located on the sides ofthe path. The area also featuresthe dugout where LieutenantGeneral Ushijima, then OkinawaDefense Commander of theJapanese Imperial Army, endedhis own life.